My name is Linda R. Elkjer. I currently reside in the beautiful State of Oregon USA, with my two Cats Willow and Oliver. 

My mission is and always has been to create the images that represent the true essence, emotion and magnificent beauty of the horse.  My goal is to reflect the expression of the horse in which you can see it's personality and intelligence, and feel it's spirit and soul. Creations that embody their emotion and heart.

I offer Graphite Fine Art originals, digital prints and also commissioned work. 




Long before I had a "real" horse, I lived and loved horses through my Artwork.

Not surprising was that one of my first words spoken was "horsey".  I have been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil and this undying love and passion I have for horses and all animals has not only stayed with me but grown throughout my lifetime.

Through my Art I want to express how I see these magnificent animals. How they have touched my life and provided me with boundless inspiration.  This was particularily because of one horse...my Arabian stallion Tabuk!  He has gone to greener pastures now but I think of him everyday.  Thoughts of him still inspire me and I feel that I was truly blessed to have him as my companion and friend.  His memory will always live in my heart and soul.


Equine Expressions Studio

In 2011, I discovered another way to express my love and passion for horses. Creating Customized Model Horses!  Resculpted and repainted into the form of Equine that convey the passion I experience when I see these wonderful creatures! 

There are some samples of my Customs in the Gallery that were created from  2011 to present.

Contact Me

If you have an interest in purchasing any of my work, or to inquire about having me do a commissioned piece, please feel free to contact me. 

*My Commission Books are currently full.

Equine Art from the Heart